The focus on helping others and improving their lives is what drives Keith as a real estate agent. He enjoys the process of getting to know his clients and asking the all-important questions of “What? Where? and Why?” in order to help, them find the right home that will provide joy, peace and harmony. He also brings to the equation natural problem-solving and analysis skills. His love for fixing mechanical things translates well into finding the right solution for every client in their home search or selling transaction.
When not making real estate dreams come true, he can be found at the keyboard writing and recording music, performing with his band, going on mountain bike or motorcycle rides and spending time with his son. He’s traveled to more than 14 countries and 46 of the 50 United States, performing music in most of them. He is currently working on finishing his record.
A well-traveled Arizona native who, at his core, is a musician, bike enthusiast and father. A genuine, caring and happy guy, Keith is inspired by his fellow musicians, others who have extended help to him and those who have needed his help. Doing the right thing, being true to himself and seeking to make every situation better are just of the few mottos that Keith lives by.
Keith’s Highlights:
  • Served in the US Army as an Aviation Mechanic and Helicopter Technician
  • Lived in Europe and Asia for six years
  • Is a Pro Tools certified Audio engineer and taught at a conservatory in Phoenix
  • Hopes to have his album ready for release by the end of 2017